Michael Enis and Carolyn Enis have founded the Michael and Carolyn Guardian Trust (M&CGT), 501(c)(3) charitable organization qualified under the National Christian Foundation - #1896671

Photo of Michael Enis and Carolyn Enis Michael and Carolyn moved to Wakiso Town, Uganda, East Africa in 2002 to construct a Childrens Home and school for orphans and vulnerable children. They served as on-site directors of the facility through 2015. In 2012, Mike and Carolyn began plans to build a new, separate facility to transition the children who would be released at age 18 years of age, or sooner, from the court care orders that had placed them in the Children's Home. These children have never lived outside the environment of an institution and are ill equipped to transition into a culture they are unfamiliar with. The goal of M&CGT is to assist them in this transition.

The new facility, Ssala Home Place, will provide a residence for the students while they complete their secondary school education and return to during school holidays. It will provide a place to learn social skills and life skills, how to have self confidence and poise during a job interview and learn how to apply Biblical principles that will guide them through day to day situations.

The Michael and Carolyn Guardian Trust objectives are:

  • To interview and select students who qualify for grants to complete Ugandan Curriculum Requirements for Secondary School, which would enable those students to qualify for government scholarships for university-level education.
  • To interview students who qualify for grants to attend government certified vocational schools and assist with their placement in these schools.
  • To help students transition from completed education to job placement.
  • To enable students to display lives of grace and dignity and learn to care for the needs of others, and teach them how to apply Biblical principles to life situations.

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