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Rotary Run finish line

"Perseverance must finish its work so that you may
be mature and complete, not lacking anything
." (James 1.4)

Dearest of dears,

December greetings from Uganda EAST AFRICA.

One of the shopping centers in Kampala is decorated for CHRISTmas! Really!

Christmas hymns are playing in the great hall of the shopping center.

I was so pleased to hear the Christmas hymns and praise songs and see the CHRISTmas posters displayed. Merry CHRISTmas to all of you!

Let me give you an update on how each student has held fast to the character trait of perseverance to finish their school work with maturity and steadfastness. By your generous giving, they have lacked nothing that they needed to help them succeed.

January 2017 found all of us at Ssala Home Place preparing for the year ahead. There were school fees to be paid, school requirements to be purchased and personal evaluations to be made. We talked about boarding school life and the challenges each one faced and talked each other through some difficult questions.

Pius suggested that there should be larger portions of food with more variety of food served at each school meal.

When the school term began, Pius ran for the Student Council position of Food Prefect! And the menus and serving portions suddenly changed for the better!

Shilla and George Senoga both had a prom party that was part of their Senior 4 year leaving program. Shilla and Senoga were faced with a lot of study prep for their SLE (Uganda Senior Leaving Exams).

Oliva and Pius had passed through that phase and would enter a new phase of study in Senior 5. Julian would travel to West Uganda to her boarding school.

Kato Julius graduationKato Julius graduated from vocational school in November 2017. *(Read November 2017 Newsletter for all of the details) Dad Andrew has arranged for Kato to begin a work-apprenticeship with a local Wakiso mechanic.

Three weeks ago, Kato began treatment to reduce a keloid scar. Google reports that a keloid is "a raised scar after an injury has healed". Kato's keloid scar resulted from a severe case of chicken pox when he was seven years old.

This particular scar is located at the top of his breast bone (sternum). The scar has grown very large over a short period of time. It is in a dangerous and vulnerable location. Kato also had a keloid scar on the side of his face successfully treated when he was a small boy.

The treatment took two years from beginning to end. The treatment is to inject a chemotherapy drug around the parameters of the scar until it will reduce in size. The treatment is done every three weeks until the doctor is satisfied with the progress. The timing of the treatment and the location of the work place are near enough for us to assist and monitor his progress in recovery.

Pray for the doctor as he administers and monitors the treatment. Pray that Kato will perform well in his work-apprenticeship. Pray that the shop will be pleased to hire Kato permanently or to refer him to another shop for employment.

PiusPius will stay with us for a few weeks before going to his mother for Christmas. During that visit he will begin to locate all the documents necessary to get a birth certificate and a national identification card. Pius has completed his grade 11 (S5) exams and has scored well in his area of interest, Entrepreneurship. He's off to a great start having been elected for Food Prefect on the Student Council and gotten changes in the school menu.

Pray for safety during a long journey to the village for a visit with Pius's family.

Pray that he will be able to locate and return with all of the necessary documents needed for the school.


OlivaOliva has completed her exams and is enjoying being with her family in Ssala village. Oliva will complete some dental appointments that she started during the October term break. Oliva was experiencing dental pain and much headache during part of last term.

We got the dental emergency taken care of during term break, and now we will follow through the dental procedures necessary to get her restored to good dental health.

Pray for Oliva to be aware of how important dental health is to her body and general well being. Pray that Oliva will persevere in reaching her goal of becoming a medical doctor.


ShillaShilla enjoyed the S4 Prom Party and says it was the highlight of the year for her. Shilla's Uncle picked her from school after she had completed exams. They arrived at the home of her grandmother, Goretti. Shilla was with her grandmother only two days before her grandmother died.

Shilla has been visiting many relatives and is settled with an Aunt, who, along with Shilla's Uncle, will be her care givers during school term breaks. Shilla has made many phone calls to Mom Ruth to chat. She is doing well.

Pray that Shilla will continue to be a serious student and meet the desires of her heart for her future.


George SenogaGeorge Senoga has finished his examinations well. He has stayed with us some days while his family is away in a distant village. George also has the task of getting a national identity card and a birth certificate to meet school requirements for Advanced Level study.

Pray that George and his family will be able to get all the documents ready so he can meet the requirements to enter Advanced Level study.

Pray that George will continue to read and study his new Bible.


JulianJulian attends school in Western Uganda. Julian struggles academically more than the other students. Oliva comes every day to help tutor Julian. This has formed a bond between the two of them and Julian has benefited from Oliva's ability to help her understand her studies.

Pray that Julian will benefit from the friendship and influence of Oliva. Pray that she will gain more confidence in her ability to do her school work to the best of her ability.


ElizabethElizabeth is pictured in her scrubs. The other photo shows her operating one of the machines she is learning to use in her classes. Elizabeth will obtain her degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has found her dream career. She loves every part of what she is learning.

Pray for Elizabeth to continue to have high standards for her life so she will
be able to finish well what God has started in her.



I have much more to tell you, but I will save it for later.

From your friend and Ordinary Missionary,

I Love You
"Even when I am old and gray do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come." Psalm 71:18
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